Aroma lamp "Michel"

Norāde: Aroomlamp "Michel"-red

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Ceramic aroma lamp

Aromalamps, or aroma chambers, are devices that consist of an evaporation tank (heated water bowls) and an arch where the candle is installed or where the device for heating is located. They are usually made of ceramic.


The principle of operation of the aroma lamp is very simple: PG (propylene glycol is a harmless solvent) is poured into the bowl, a few drops of aroma oil or food flavoring are added to it (for example: Capella, TFA, Flavor Art), after which they light a candle that heats the mixture and allows the volatile substances evaporate into the air.

The time of one procedure is no more than 2 hours, while it is recommended to start with procedures lasting only 20-25 minutes.



- Add VG (food glycerin) to the mixture to give the aroma a soft, enveloping effect.

- You can also use water as the base, but the aroma will not reveal so brightly.

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