Capella Grape Aroma

Capella Grape Aroma

Zīmols: Capella

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Capella Grape Aroma 13ml

Grape (Capella)  Sweet and rich taste of grapes, gives a refreshing summer aroma. It goes well with fruits and drinks, and also adds volume to recipes with apple, currant and lemonade.

  • The best combinations:  Green Apple (Capella), Double Apple (Capella), Black Currant (FA), Pink Lemonade (Capella), Champagne (TPA), Bubblegum Fruity (TPA)
  • Avarage dosage in recipes: 3,0%
  • Average dosage in solo taste:  8,0%
  • Ingredients: natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol, water.

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