Capella Blueberry Jam

Capella Blueberry Jam

Zīmols: Capella

Norāde: 26

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Capella Blueberry Jam 13ml

Blueberry Jam (Capella) - a REAL blueberry JAM! Blueberries, although not similar to the usual Estonian. Good for cooking and milkshakes. Looks like the California florists took some local blueberries as a basis of taste, which is slightly different from ours. There is a little sourness.

  • The best combinations: Super Sweet (Capella), Sweet Strawberry (Capella), Glazed Doughnut (Capella), Vanilla Custard V2 (Capella)
  • Avarage dosage in recipes: 3,0%
  • Average dosage in solo taste: 10%
  • Ingredients: natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol, water.

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