TPA Cotton Candy (Circus)

TPA Cotton Candy (Circus) 15ml

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TPA Cotton Candy (Circus) 15ml

Cotton Candy Circus (TPA) This is a different style of cotton candy that is more similar to "Blue" Cotton Candy. This is not a "strong" flavor. It is made with ingredients that are crystals/powders, and if we try to make it much stronger then these crystals will start to "precipitate" out
  • The best combinations: Honeydew (TPA)Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA), Sweet Strawberry (Capella), Raspberry (TPA/Capella/FA), 
  • Avarage dosage in recipes: 2,0%
  • Average dosage in solo taste: 8,0%
  • Ingredients: natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol, water.

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