ICONFIT Shaker 500ml Two Compartments (Black)

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High quality , easy-open lid and two compartments with a removable bottom.

ICONFIT Shaker is free from BPA and DEHP!



ICONFIT Shaker is a great helper to mix protein or any health shake and to take it on the go. Equipped with a sieve, it helps powder to dissolve much better than a regular bottle would. Plus, our shaker has a removable bottom compartment to take more powder or capsules easily with you and mix with water whenever you need.

This 500ml shaker lets you take several servings of drinks with you and is large enough to accommodate other sports drinks you need during your training. Screw-off lid makes it simple to access, fill and later clean. Measuring units are marked on the side so you always know how much liquids to fill.

For whom?
Shaker is a necessity for everyone consuming protein shakes, diet shakes or other sports nutrition.

How to use:
Use it to mix, transport and short-term storage of sports nutrition drinks. Dose according to instructions on your sports nutrition product packaging.

500 ml


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